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12 Volt DC Motors

If you’re not used to mechanics and the like, then you might be wondering what a 12 volt DC motor is. Well, a 12 volt DC motor is a simple kind of engine that uses two oppositely polarized magnetic energies in order to create a torque, which is a force that causes the rotors to start rotating.

The whole process is basically transforming electronic energy from the DC electricity into mechanical energy.

Usually DC motors need at least one electromagnet in order to work. The magnet alternates between the two poles in order to keep the engine running. These motors don’t need a lot of electricity to work, and can be used for a variety of things.

A 12 volt motor is used in simple machines like electric razors, remote controlled cars, as well as electronic car windows. They are also great simple engines to tinker around with and to use for studying electromagnetism as well.

What is a DC motor? There is a more detailed explanation on the next page, but here we'll highlight that there are different kinds of 12v DC motors, which have different uses.


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1.   Brushed 12V DC Motors

Brushed DC motors use stationary magnets and magnets that rotate. These are affordable and easy to find, and they work very well too. They are high maintenance though, and also don’t last very long if used on high intensity. You will need to replace the brushes and springs every so often, and clean the commutator. 

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2.   Brushless 12VDC Motors

Brushless DC motors only require a rotating magnet and some stationary electric magnets as well. This runs on DC and converts it to AC. These last long and are very efficient, and you don’t even need to maintain them much. They are quite expensive though, and are sometimes complicated to use.

These are used in most computers because of their simplicity and low-maintenance, since there aren’t any brushes to worry about. They are quite small, which is also useful. 

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12 Volt DC Motor - Buying Considerations

If you plan to buy a 12 VDC motor, no matter what you plan to use it on, then make sure you’re sure of exactly what kind you want to buy. You don’t want to buy something that you won’t end up using at all.



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Once you’ve figured out what you want, then you should start your search online, rather than in your local electronics store. This is because firstly, it’s a lot easier to sit and type in the search bar than getting up and going out.

Not to mention it presents you with a lot of different 12 volt motor options for you to choose from, rather than the limited variety you might find in a store. And the chances of finding the perfect unit for your use are much higher.

There are many different online marketplaces for you to look through, and many of them probably service your area.

Most 12 volt DC motors run from prices of three hundred to five hundred dollars, and sometimes require shipping fees depending on where you live.

Despite the fees you have to pay, shopping online is usually more fruitful then buying in a local store.